How we promote ‘learning from the land’/At Viva we are proud to have notched up our seventh year working with national education charity the Ernest Cook Trust.

The Trust, based in Fairford, Gloucestershire, is one of the UK’s leading educational charities, and is rooted in the conservation and management of the countryside. It owns and manages 22,000 acres of landed estates across five counties in England.

ECT actively encourages children and young people to learn from the land through free-of-charge education programmes on its estates, and by giving grants. Each year over 30,000 children visit its estates free of charge, and its Trustees distribute £1.8m to education initiatives throughout the UK.

Since 2009 our work for ECT has included:

Developing and annually updating their PR strategy

Developing a new logo and branding

Building and upgrading the Trust’s website

Writing and designing information leaflets, interpretation panels and banners

Gaining widespread publicity about ECT in national, local and specialist media

Writing, designing and publishing its bi-annual newsletter

Producing videos demonstrating how its education programmes benefit children

Giving the Trust a growing social media presence

The Ernest Cook Trust’s Chief Executive Nicholas Ford said: “Viva Communications are thoroughly professional in everything they do, prompt and understanding in their dealings with the client, innovative and experienced.

“The Whittakers also have their feet on the ground; they do not have any of the unrealistic jargon-filled airs and approaches that are all too commonly found in the PR profession. Between them, Martin and Beth Whittaker have all the necessary skills. Martin’s strike-rate at converting press releases into articles appearing in the Press is impressive.”

We look forward to continuing to promote the work of this great charity as it expands its education programmes.